Cancer remains among the leading causes of death worldwide. EUSA Pharma helps physicians and patients continue the fight against cancer by providing advanced treatment options.

Qarziba® (Dinutuximab beta)


Qarziba is currently licensed in the EU for the treatment of high risk neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer arising from neural crest cells, in patients aged 12 months and above. The molecule is a monoclonal chimeric antibody that binds to the GD2 antigen on neuroblastoma cells, and activates an immune response that targets these cancer cells.

Fotivda® (Tivozanib)

Fotivda is a vascular endothelial growth factor tyrosine kinase inhibitor (VEGF TKI): an oral, once-daily inhibitor of all three vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptors. Fotivda is indicated in the EU for the first line treatment of adult patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and for adult patients who are VEGFR and mTOR pathway inhibitor-naīve following disease progression after one prior treatment with cytokine therapy for advanced RCC.

supportive care

Treating the underlying disease is of critical importance; however, therapies are often accompanied by treatment-limiting side effects. EUSA Pharma helps to ease these effects by providing a range of supportive care products to help patients on this difficult journey.


Caphosol dispersible®

Caphosol® is indicated for the treatment and prevention of oral mucositis, a complication of cancer treatment (including radiation and chemotherapy). It contains a high concentration of phosphate and calcium ions to lubricate the mucosa of the mouth, tongue and oropharynx and help maintain the integrity of the oral cavity. Caphosol is available as ampules or in dispersible form.

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Surgery and emergency solutions

Advances and access to surgery and emergency treatment have greatly improved over recent years. To help enhance the chances of recovery, EUSA Pharma has a range of proven solutions.


Collatamp® is a lyophilized collagen implant impregnated with the antibiotic gentamicin indicated to aid haemostasis and prevent the risk of infection during surgery. Collatamp contains renatured type 1 collagen, and is available with either bovine (Collatamp® G) or equine (Collatamp® EG) collagen that is naturally broken down in the body.


Custodiol® is a ready-to-use solution used in organ transplantation for rinsing and hypothermic storage during organ preservation (heart, kidney, liver and pancreas) following their removal from the donor and prior to the graft in the recipient.

Fomepizole® EUSA Pharma

Fomepizole® is used as an antidote in confirmed or suspected poisoning with ethylene glycol (contained in anti-freeze, solvents, fuels, and other household or automotive chemicals).


EUSA Pharma offers treatments that support patients with neurological conditions.


Xenazine® is indicated for the treatment of movement disorders associated with Huntington’s chorea and hemiballismus.